Forever my baby

I am amazed with this little being that brought so much meaning into my life. My first baby and my first true unconditional love. You made me the woman I am today, with all the blessings along with the sacrifices you made me strong. For the first time I became selfless, I never cared so deeply for anyone in this world. I understood why my mother never gave up on me and has always been there if I needed her. Yet being so inexperienced, I tried my best to be the mother you needed. I still remeber the first nights I had you I couldn’t sleep just staring at you while you slept in your crib, it felt so surreal. I was the one you cried for, the one you reached for, the one you smiled for, and the one you needed to become the big boy you are today. Seeing you now taking responsibilities and trying your best to set a good example for your younger siblings, I am proud. I couldn’t help myself when I listened to you from the other room, telling your younger twin siblings “clean your room because bugs like messy rooms”. It’s what I always told you to get you to clean your room, and here you are encouraging your little siblings. I know you don’t like when I call you baby, and correct me telling me that you’re a big boy. But no matter what you will be forever my baby ❤


Going chemical free eliminated my migraines 

Around three months ago I decided to start using chemical free cleaners for my home. I threw all my harshful cleaners that were loaded with toxic chemicals in the garbage. I did it for my childern, just to think that every time I cleaned everyone will be ingesting these toxic chemicals from the air and through skin contact. I suffered from migraines for the past 6 years, I noticed  that my migraines will emerge after i would spend my weekends cleaning. I always thought my migraines were caused by being  exhausted and running around all day, never did I think it was from the cleaning products. Since three months ago I havent had not even one migrane, before then i use to have them weekly. I purchase these products from Amazon, stop and shop, target etc. You can find these products almost at any general merchandise store. Using plant based cleaners along with vinegar and baking soda has not only gave me a peace of mind for my family’s health but also alleviated me from my migraines. It worked for me hopefully this will work for others.

Suprise! You’re having twins!!

A day a I will never forget. I went to the hospital due to vomiting and not being able to keep anything down for two days. It’s was around 4am, am in the emergency room thinking possibly I had food poisoning . The doctor asked “are you pregnant?”  I said no. “When was your last cycle?” I answered “2 weeks ago”. For safety I had a pregency test and It came back positive!  I was shocked but also scared thought I might have miscarriaged because I still had a cycle. So I was rushed to the ultrasound technician to see what was going on. She was taking longer than usual and I was terrified something wasn’t right. Then she looks at me and says “I am sorry it’s taking so long,  I am trying to get the others baby heart beat”. I screamed “What Other baby!” and she showed me the screen and said “Oh my god you didn’t know you we’re having twins! “. I started crying and laughing hysterically at the same time, could not contain my emotions. Before I told my boyfriend and family the news I asked them to sit down first, because it was a big shock to find out you’re pregnant and expecting twins in one day. I was 8 weeks pregnant at the time and had a cycle until about 4 months of pregnancy,  the doctors said it happens with a lot of twin pregnancies. It was so unreal that I was going to have twins,  and here they are turning 3 in two weeks. It has been such journey and a blessing to have boy and girl twins, I am looking forward to all the wonderful years to come . 💙💖

Work & Life balance

As parents that work we are constantly in a tug a war when it comes to work and our family. We have to make time for our kids,spouse, and ourselves while also making work a priority. I say take it day by day, we can’t control what might happen tomorrow. I won’t sit here and say I try my best every single day, but as long as we are getting better at it day by day, I think it will be just fine. I suggest take a weeknight out for your spouse go out for dinner or bowling, if you can’t leave the house order food and watch a movie at home together. Spending that quality time is beneficial to keep the love and unity together. We love to spend Sundays with our kids. We’ll go out to eat and take our kids somewhere out of the house. Whether we go swimming, to chuckee cheese, to the park, to the movies, etc. I can see the happiness in their smiles to have some fun time with mommy and daddy after a hectic week. Then here comes Monday when almost every thing can go completely wrong. One of the kids doesn’t feel well, one may have an accident on the way to daycare, you forgot to pack snack and etc. A billion of things can go wrong but we can only try our best to make it right. I have learned it’s better to prepare as much as you can at night to make the mornings easier. It’s great to keep extra clothes, dry snacks with drinks,diapers,wipes,nail clippers and pacifiers in your vehicles incase you have one of those days that you just can’t task it all, it will save you time from having to rush back home and be late to work. I recommend nothing is better than getting up an hour earlier before your kids,at least you’ll be able to get ready without any interruptions and have time to put some make up on lol. Then finally squeeze a little time for yourself. I enjoy an early morning workout to clear my mind,at least once a month or two go out and have a girls night, and try to squeze some time to pamper myself (which is what I gave up the most due the business hours lol). It’s vital to enjoy some time for yourself, I feel more confident and a feeling of entitlement to deserve time for myself. Balancing life will make your home less hectic and things a little more peaceful.  Hope you enjoyed my post and found some helpful tips 🙂

Hello everyone…

My name is Elizabeth. I am a full time working mom of 4 litle kiddos. I decided to start blogging to share a little glimpse of my world and hopefully I can be a great informative for busy mommies that are trying to task it all. As women we are breaders,nurturers,leaders and so much more! We try to do as much as we can and still make time for ourselves. Let’s give a round of applause to ourselves, superwoman!